Lead the Competition

If you are an franchised automotive group, Process the Basics professionals will do in-house training to set the stage for your monthly subscription. Need help along the way? We are here to check-in and lend a helping hand.

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auto tracking

Know Your Numbers

Processing data and implementing the right maneuvers with that data are at the core of successful businesses. Process the Basics enables sales and management professionals to track, analyze, and succeed.

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Stay Informed Anywhere

Computer? Tablet? Phone? Use your preferred device to easily access your data or that of your team. Anytime. Anywhere. Harness the power of Process the Basics during the workday or anytime on the go.

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Your Unique Edge

Already have CRM? Process the Basics is not another CRM inundating the market; we augment your current tools but exist as your sole tracking power. Automate and simplify your processes and bolster your numbers today.

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